The Saami people

Indigenous People - Traditions

The northern region of Lapland is located on the lands of the Saami, the only recognized indigenous people in Europe. Today, there are approximately 10,000 Saamis in Finland, and their culture is an integral part of daily life.

The Saami people are the only indigenous people of Finland.

Travelling with Scandlap-Explorer also means a privileged encounter with the indigenous Saami people, who have been cultivating the customs of their ancestors and reindeer herding for centuries. At local events or on Saami National Day, you can listen to the characteristic song of the Saami people, called Joik.

The Saami, a people with ancient roots

The Sami people are the only indigenous people in Lapland and the entire European Union to have settled in the region long before national borders were created. The original regions of the Sami people are the northernmost parts of Lapland in Finland, including the municipalities of Utsjoki, Inari, Enontekiö, and the northern part of Sodankylä. There are also Sami communities in Norway, Sweden, and Russia.

Linguistic Treasures and Cultural Heritage

The Saami people speak three languages: Northern Sami, Inari Sami, and Skolt Sami. Cooperation between the Saami groups is close, and it has also taken on new and modern forms, such as through celebrations and events.

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