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The Preserved Wildlife of Lapland

Lapland, both in summer and winter, is the cradle of wild and preserved nature, with a wide variety of landscapes and animals that form a perfect balance.

The Iconic Wildlife of Lapland

Lapland is home to several species of predatory mammals, such as the brown bear and the wolverine, but the most iconic animal of this region is certainly the reindeer. Here you can also find other species, such as the Arctic hare, Arctic fox, lemming, and white-tailed eagle. Lynx and wolves are protected, while the ptarmigan, a bird with white plumage and a black tail in winter and brown in summer, is hunted for its meat. The Finnish Lapphund is a breed of herding dog native to the region.

A botanical journey into the heart of the Far North.

The wild berries that paint these lands.

Particularly abundant is the cloudberry, known as "lakka" in Finnish, especially near Lake Inari, where its fruit makes excellent jam. Wild blueberries and cranberries are also among the most common berries in Lapland.

The timeless charm of the boreal forest in Lapland

However, the distinctiveness of this ecosystem lies in the boreal forest, with its conifers and birches. In Finland, there are around thirty species of trees, with the most common ones being the Siberian pine, spruce, and birch.

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