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Explorer outfit

How to dress while exploring the Arctic Circle?

There is a golden rule for extreme cold explorers which is the 3-layer rule:

  • The first layer: a nylon or merino garment to keep the body dry
  • The second layer: a garment made of wool like a fleece in order to retain heat
  • The third layer: a protective garment such as a ventilated windbreaker to protect yourself from the wind while protecting you from the snow

CAUTION : Please ban cotton from your clothes except your underwear. Cotton soaks up moisture, which is
a danger in extreme cold.

1st layer

As a first layer, warm merino underwear is recommended, it is close to the body and keeps the body dry.

2nd layer

It is important to keep your body heat on top of this first layer, which is why we offer you either a small, compact puffer jacket or a fleece that goes up to the neck!

3rd layer

And finally for the third and final layer, which should protect you from wind and snow: a gore-tex jacket preferably or a ski jacket would be ideal.

Thick pants

As for the pants, a ski or snowboard pants will be enough that will allow you to be free of your movements. The little extra would be that it is equipped with small gaiters.

A light hood

You also need to insulate your face from the cold. It is therefore imperative that you have a hood that is not too thick so that it can fit under the helmet.

Scarf, ski mask

A neck warmer or a scarf will be very useful and even essential to completely isolate you from the cold. A ski mask is also a plus, for your driving comfort and to have a good vision on your snowmobile.

A pair of gloves

The pair of gloves is extremely important. For passengers a pair of mittens is recommended as this is more effective than a conventional pair of gloves. Although the handles of snowmobiles are heated, this is not enough. A good pair of gloves will guarantee you the essential comfort during our roadtrips.

High shoes

A good pair of boots for the snow will also be an asset for you. A shoe with a removable slipper is preferred to be able to dry them in the evening in chalets and hotels by the fire. Good socks will keep your feet warm throughout the road trip. A pair of ski socks will do the job perfectly.

To be able to go on a Road-trip in the Arctic lands in the best possible conditions, it is extremely important to prepare your equipment well before departure.

This is why we offer you an exhaustive list which will be very useful to you in packing your bags. This list will help you keep every part of your body safe!

Polar temperatures can sometimes reach -40 ° C! It is therefore necessary to cover yourself well to insulate yourself from the cold.