Adventure informations

Explorer's bag

What's in an Explorer Bag?

A backpack

A 30 or 40 liter backpack will be useful to you to be able to store your cameras, hats, go pro as well as all the equipment you will need during our expedition.

A sleeping bag

For our warm evenings in our chalets, we also recommend that you bring a small sackcloth to spend more pleasant nights.

A beanie

A warm hat for our short stops will not be a luxury and will allow us to conserve our body heat.

A headlamp

We remind you that during the Road-trips period the sun only rises for a few hours a day! This is why it is strongly recommended to take a headlamp.

A swiss army knife

During our Road-trip, we will stop in small cabins to warm up, have a picnic and have a good time around a warm fire. We therefore advise you to bring a small knife and cutlery.

To be able to go on a Road-trip in the Arctic lands in the best possible conditions, it is extremely important to prepare your equipment well before departure.

This is why we offer you a list (check it above) about the minimum of accessories to carry which will be very useful to you in packing your bags. This list will help you keep every part of your body safe!

Polar temperatures can sometimes reach -40 ° C! It is therefore necessary to cover yourself well to insulate yourself from the cold.