Great Explorer

Snowmobile Safari available from
 February 18th to Mars 25th 2023

Description of the adventure

Great Explorer

“An intense adventure rich in emotions”

Through this roadtrip, we offer a real change of scenery, a real immersion in arctic land.
You will become an explorer of the far North. We will travel 850 km through magical landscapes.
An exploration of frozen lands more than 450 km north of the Arctic Circle.

Far from all civilizations, we will cross forests where no Man has yet been.
On the program, crossings of frozen lakes, and even of the arctic tundra. We will see breathtaking landscapes.

A total immersion allowing to live within a flora and fauna intact of any pollution. From reindeer to elk, you will observe these animals in their natural environment in the wild, and for the luckiest of you wolves.

Not to mention exceptional starry nights! Illuminated throughout the winter by the magnificent Northern Lights.

During this stay you will reconnect with nature, you will discover the explorer who is in you. You will leave this paradise with unforgettable memories. You will live a privileged experience!

A rich week, find out what awaits you

Day 1 - Saturday

The Scandlap Explorer team will meet you at Ivalo airport and transfer you to our base camp 4 kilometers away. Finally, you will reach a little corner of nature where yurt and the world of Lapland will await you.

You will be greeted with a welcome drink followed by a hot meal!

Day 2 - Sunday

We will start our day with breakfast, then we will go to the snowmobile briefing. We will continue with a 2 hour ride through snowmobile forests and frozen lakes to introduce you to the machine. This morning will end with a hot meal to recharge your batteries, and our tour of Lappish landscapes will begin in the early afternoon.

Our adventurous journey will start from the 60 kilometer stage and reach the small village of Tankavaara in the footsteps of the gold diggers.

Indeed, Finnish Lapland is a land of myths, legends and dreams with a long history, the region has gold deposits, even today people are still looking for the purest gold in the world. world: the Lemmenjoki and Ivalojoki rivers and their surroundings.

We will stop in a pretty typical village.

You will spend the night in a traditional cabin completely immersed in the skin of the gold diggers. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Day 3 - Monday

After a good night's sleep, we will head to the new stage, which will take us to the shores of Lake Yukonnjarvi, 75 kilometers to the north.

We will have the opportunity to cross lakes, tundra and forests. We will sleep in a hunter's hut, refuge from the wind and the cold, refuge for reindeer herders and explorers from the far north.

This will be our chance to meet reindeer and elk for the lucky ones. But the most important thing is that, isolated from any civilization, we will be in the middle of nature without any light pollution.

This will be one of your many privileges in this adventure. Every winter there is a great opportunity to observe the Northern Lights, which light up the arctic sky.

Day 4 - Tuesday

From Koppelo, we will cross Lake Inari in its entirety (80km). In the middle of this lake we will be alone, however a break on a small island for lunch will be waiting for you in Moitakurunselkä

Also, if the conditions allow it, we can even do a little speed for thrill seekers!

Our arrival today is in Sevettijarvi.

Day 5 - Wednesday

From Sevettijarvi we will head towards the tundra that we will cross. We will be alone in this white desert, the beauty of the landscapes is breathtaking. A well-deserved break will be taken in a kota before returning to the lakes to reach our resting place: Kaamanen

Driving will also be sporty and a little more technical

Day 6 - Thursday

From Kaamanen we will start the way back with the last stage of this raid. We will cross the forests between the reliefs of Inari where our tracks will be rivers, lakes and forests: driving will be all the more pleasant.

This stage will end this roadtrip with its arrival at the camp.

Day 7 - Friday

On Friday you will be offered an activity of your choice, to be defined on site.

Day 8 - Saturday

End of the magical adventure in Lapland!

The explorers that you will become will be able to return home with memories in your eyes!

Transfer to the airport for the return.

In total: 750 km of raid through exceptional landscapes.

To know:

  • This is an all inclusive week:
    • Transfer on site (airport – base camp)
    • Accommodation
    • Full board
    • Luggage transport
    • Supervision by French and English speaking guides
    • Loan of cold weather outfits + boots + protective helmet
    • Snowmobile rental + gasoline
  • The roadtrip lasts 8 days and 7 nights: from Saturday to Saturday.
  • Maximum 6 people per week of roadtrip.
  • The arrival airport is Ivalo in Finland
  • The whole trip will be done on snowmobiles, it is the only means of transport to explore the Arctic Circle.
  • This is an exploration for all ages. However, it is aimed at travelers looking for exploration!
  • The trip will be supervised by professionals who will know how to react effectively in all types of conditions.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us for all types of information or requests for clarification!
  1 Person per snowmobile 2 People per snowmobile
Standard rate 3 099 € / pers. 2 799 € / pers.

Extreme cold suits, shoes, helmets, waterproof bags, 

thermos and bowls are provided

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Great Explorer

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