Our ecological ambition

Close to nature ... But not only

At Scandlap Explorer we want you to discover a part of the world that is still very little known. Magnificent landscapes, majestic Northern Lights, welcoming people and unfazed wildlife: this is what you should expect when you go on an adventure with us. Despite everything, we are aware of the current ecological issues and we want to share with you our commitment to this cause which is close to our heart.

Our ecological actions

We want to show you how concerned we are about climate issues. First of all, we want to limit the number of people per week on the safari in order to limit the human impact on the environment. Too large of a group could cause logistical limitations and disrupt the local flora and fauna.

Also, the only way to discover such long distances through the unusual landscapes of Lapland is still by snowmobile. However we are only using the official trails during our Safaris. We know snowmobiling is not a very environmentally friendly form of transport, so we will implement one carbon footprint buyback per person. In other words, we will calculate the carbon costs of snowmobiles per person as well as of air travel to plant an equivalent number of trees accordingly. As a result, our ambition is to minimize our carbon footprint and natural disturbances.

We have also sign a collaboration agreement with Metsähallitus and we are committed to follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism.